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Air Purifier CADO Leaf 320i Black

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Air Purifier CADO Leaf 320i Black

0 reviews
A special narrow frame design takes air purifying performance to the limit. LEAF 320i can be remotely operated from anywhere — even on the go. Model: AP-C320i. Room size: ~ 42 m²
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Works with CADO sync APP

By linking with devices that have the cado sync app installed via Wi-Fi, the LEAF 320i facilitates checking air status and remote controlling while out of the room.

cado sync features

Verification of PM2.5, temperature and humidity

Verification of air conditions

Turning power ON and OFF

Changing air volume

Changing operating modes

Lights ON and OFF

Setting, turning ON and OFF of 24-hour timer

Verification of filter life


Devices supported by cado sync app (as of October 2018)
iPhone: iOS 8.0 and later versions
Android: OS4.2 and later versions



Air Purification Speed

The key to effective air purification is speed.

Dust, harmful substances and viruses suspended in air cannot be picked up once they fall to the floor, no matter how powerful a vacuum cleaner may be. This is why the “purifying speed” to draw in all such particles before they hit the floor is so important. The diagonal flow fan incorporated in the LEF 320i powerfully sends air drawn in from all sides straight up 360-degrees around the unit. A large amount of air is circulated quickly in the room to achieve a high air cleaning speed.



Self-cleaning filter

Filter performance that can keep up.

Filter performance is also an important factor in achieving high air purifying speeds. The filter is equipped with a self-cleaning function, and the high performance filter filters air in stages.

1. Self-cleaning function for a long-lasting filter.

The filter features activated carbon for absorbing odor, as well as a self cleaning function which decomposes and eliminates them with LED light using the photocatalytic technology. This cycle of operation allows the filter to restore itself and achieve long service life.

2. A high-performance filter that catches even the smallest particles.

Air is drawn in, then filtered through stages of high performance filters with various functions. The size of particles captured by the filter is 0.09 μm*. PM2.5, with a particle diameter of 2.5 μm, most certainly cannot pass through it and is captured by the filter.

* μm = micrometer: One thousandth of 1 mm.

  1. Pre-filter
  2. HEPA type filter (inhibits proliferation of virus, mold and bacteria)
  3. Photocatalytic activated carbon filter + Special activated carbon filter (absorbs and decomposes harmful substances)



Minimal Design

A special, narrow frame design takes air purifying performance to the limit.

The edges of the top panel on the LEAF 320i are made extremely narrow to increase the amount of discharged air to enhance air circulation efficiency. An intuitive control panel is installed on the edge to incorporate functionality in a minimal design.




LEDs indicate air quality.

Three LED light colors notify invisible air conditions. The LED light is dimmed to suit the brightness of surroundings for peaceful ambiance at bedtime.




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